Here in the panhandle we have had our bouts with wildfires this year. Now down south, they are dealing with a huge fire that is, at this point, zero percent contained. It is apparent that the drought conditions across the state, are the perfect setting for wildfires to spread."Texas is in a difficult situation right now and our priorities are pretty simple. Number one is to protect life at all costs," said Nim Kidd, chief of the state Division of Emergency Management.

Recent wind patterns have caused these fires to rage out of control. The fires have killed 2 people and destroyed over 700 homes in the Austin area. The largest fire has covered 30,000 acres of land and causing 5000 people to evacuate their homes.

"It's not contained at all," Tom Boggus, director of the Texas Forest Service, said Tuesday. "But the good news is, the winds have died down overnight."

While this is not in the Texas panhandle, we understand this devastation all too well.