Riding in a school bus can be an aggravating and uncomfortable experience.  It gets exacerbated when the diver dies at the wheel.

Graceann Rumer started driving two weeks ago.  She used the few driving skills she had to save a school bus full of students by grabbing the steering wheel as the driver collapsed from a heart attack Tuesday afternoon.  The bus driver died soon after.

"I just realized that there's no one driving this bus... I need to do something," Rumer said.

The bus was full of about three dozen students.  She took the wheel, made a u-turn and then slammed the bus into park stopping it.  She did this all while the driver was slumped at the wheel, sitting in the seat.

Another student gathered the smaller children to the back of the bus where they couldn't see the deceased driver and become alarmed.

Rumer doesn't think she's a hero, saying she was just the closest student to the front of the bus who had any driving experience.