Michael Steele has been a forefront speaker for the RNC. Are his days at this high pressure position numbered?

Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele defended himself against blistering criticism of his leadership Monday during the first and only debate for the candidates who want the party's top job.

Steele described himself as a "glass half-full kind of guy" and defended his work building GOP momentum last year. He pledged Monday to repair the RNC's tattered finances and asked the committee's members to give him a chance to build on the "successes we had."

But with Steele's prospects for retaining the seat in jeopardy, his competitors pulled no punches in describing the RNC's problems under Steele's leadership. Though 2010 was without question a successful year for Republicans, Steele's frequent gaffes and leadership missteps have made him a target of scorn for some in the party.

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Whether Michael Steele is still the RNC Chairman or not, the republicans have to change and become truly conservative again. The "Politics as usual" game is over for the United States public and the people are going to decide whether or not republicans are holding up their end of the bargain. The GOP needs to walk a tight rope.