Sources say that Texas Governor Rick Perry is on the cusp of making an announcement for a Presidential Run in 2012. In light of the implosion of Newt Gingrich's campaign and information stating that there is a large East Coast interest in Perry's candidacy have spurred Perry to the edge of running. Having big money ready to support him right here in Texas, that aspect of the campaign should be covered. Now with Gingrich out of the running, there is no real Southern Voice to seek nomination of the party of the South.

While Perry has a reputation as a policy lightweight, his ability to fire up a crowd and give speeches lined out with the straight talk Republicans really respond to, gives him a chance to make a stand in the political run for President 2012.

Perry's run might send some Eastern Conservatives into the arms of a waiting Romney as the race becomes a more tea-party vs establishment contest. Perry, even having had a bit of a rivalry with ex-president Bush, still holds some relationships with people that might lean Eastern voters in a Romney direction.