I was leaving the Civic Center on Saturday after the Mommy and Me Expo and as I’m coming from downtown exiting to get on I-40 West the traffic was backed up for miles.  As with many my first thought was this must be a horrible accident and it turned out to be a deadly accident.As I finally made it to the Washington Exit I had no other choice but to turn onto Washington going north and weave my way through the streets to get to Georgia Street.  However, as I did that I came out on a street just before the access road to the Crockett exit and I saw the red suburban turned on its side.

Due to the reckless racing Mearlene Hooker Scoot lost her life. A family lost a mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, friend.  This family is suffering because of something that could have been prevented.  A teenager is in jail and has probably destroyed his life due to his reckless actions.