This years presidential election is no doubt one of the most important elections in the history of our country. Will we keep spending and send our country into financial ruin? Or will we find someone else to take this country where it needs, so desperately, to go?

The Economy was a major focus, along with President Obama's mishandling of it, in the GOP presidential debate. Also, in the crosshairs was Obamacare and the GOP vows to repeal this complete overhaul of the United States health care system.

"When 14 million Americans are out of work we need a new president to end the Obama Depression," declared former House Speaker Newt Gingrich

With Obama hundreds of miles away trying to secure his re-election with a fully geared campaign, the GOP is gearing up to hopefully remove this administration. It was obvious that they were more in tuned with criticizing Obama than each other. As we all know, this will change as these candidates push for position in the polls.

Is this an opportunity for our country to turn around and head towards recovery after a dismal 4 years?