The Powerball jackpot is up to $425 million.  That is a lot of money!  The next Powerball drawing will be on Wednesday and someone has the chance to walk away with $425 million.

Tim Boyle/Getty Images

I usually play the lottery when it gets to be a huge payout.  I know my chances of winning are slim to none, but hey a chance is a chance right.

I truly cannot imagine what one could do with that much money but here is where I would start.

I know I would take care of my mom.  Get my grandmothers set up as well.  I would tithe my 10% to the church (which I'm sure would make my church accountant faint).  I would build a new house, buy a new car, help out some of my favorite charities, invest, and take my friends and family on an awesome vacation.  Can you say Walt Disney World with all the bells and whistles.  Can you charter a 747?

That is what I would do with $425 million.  What would you do?

The Powerball is in 42 states and that includes Texas.

So, if you are feeling lucky, I would suggest purchasing a Powerball Lottery Ticket before Wednesday.

The largest Powerball payout was $656 million.