People polled stated that they feel that the President's policies hinder economic growth in the United States. I can honestly say that I am stunned that the percentage rate isn't higher than 51%. Whatever happened to the "Summer of Recovery".

Almost all American voters think the country's economy is in bad shape, and few see benefits from the Obama administration’s economic policies. In fact, slightly more voters think the policies have hurt rather than helped the economy -- and many others think they have made no difference either way.

A Fox News poll released Friday found that more than 9 in 10 voters give the economy negative ratings: 40 percent rate economic conditions as “only fair” and another 51 percent say it is in “poor” shape.

Current views are almost identical to those held a year ago, when 39 percent said “only fair” and 52 percent said “poor” (January 2010).

The bright spot for the Obama administration is the large drop in the number rating the economy as “poor.” The week before he took office in January 2009, some 74 percent said it was in “poor” shape and now that’s down to 51 percent.

Still, only 8 percent of voters rate the current economy positively: 1 percent says it is in “excellent” condition and 7 percent says “good.” These ratings match those from a year ago exactly.

What a joke, and I'm not talking about the poll, more about the person in the White House.