The cost of Pecans has shot up to the point where they are almost as lucrative as copper on the black market.

My mother opened up a tin of assorted Pecans at Christmas.  I asked her if she hit the lottery.

My significant other brought home a pound of pecans two weeks ago, shelled.  I suggested we cut them with walnuts and resell them for a 50% profit.

Yes, pecan prices have gotten that extreme.  Whole pecans are fetching over $3 a pound, shelled up and over $10.  Making a pecan pie is a pricey proposition today.

Making money from pecans you didn't grow is difficult.  You can attempt pecan recovery.  This means getting the pecans back out of whatever they've been cooked with.  If you want to resell pecans you've got to get all that nougaty and chocolatey goodness off of them without damaging the nut.  Then you've got to dispose of the waste and find a buyer.  Cutting the pure pecans with walnuts is an easy trick to greater profits.

In Roswell, New Mexico thieves aren't going to the trouble of recovering used pecans for resale; they are just stealing them from the source.  The problem is so bad one farmer has hired 24/7 guards.  Many farmers have daytime patrols and electronic surveillance at night.

This all eventually adds to the cost of a pecan.  And of course makes the illicit pecan trade even more lucrative.

If you love pecans, consider locked storage at home.  They are too valuable to leave out unsecured.