Beef Products Inc, or BPI has suspended production of the recently controversial 'pink slime' as public outcry grows and demand shrinks.

Undeniably the thought of Pink Slime is gross but have you ever eaten a hot dog?  Have you ever seen them making hot dogs?  It basically the same thing.

Yes, pink slime is made from the countless bits of usually discarded meat from carcasses and yes it's treated with ammonia but so are hot dogs.  Where's the uproar over that?

Either way schools and restaurants are getting out of the pink slime business and as such BPI is cutting back on making the stuff.  But what exactly does that mean?  Healthier beef?

Probably not.

By one estimate it will take over 1.5 million cows to replace the meat that was being used as pink slime. Cattlemen are laughing all the way to the bank.  We might as well refuse to eat only the top cuts and toss the rest.