History is a lot of fun, especially if you like to live in the past.  Much inspiration for life today can be found there.  One counter intuitive way life used to be different long ago?  People slept in two shifts instead of one long stretch.

We've all toyed with finding the perfect sleeping configuration.  From barely any to way too much and everything in between I've approached it several ways.  Going to bed and getting up about the same time every day works best for me.  That's translating to around nine hours these days.  I remember when three was plenty.

Historians have discovered that in the time previous to nighttime illumination the predominant pattern of sleeping was to sleep four hours, rise for a couple and then sleep four more.  Historians find it was what published mentions of "sleep" meant.  It wasn't until streetlights and a slowly evolving night life did the equal change of sleeping in one stretch became the norm.

You might give this a shot if you're not getting good sleep.