The Super Bowl always provides the NFL an opportunity to promote the future of the game.  Roger Goodell spent time last week discussing the NFL Pro Bowl, also known as the biggest waste of time ever, second only to a halftime show with Madonna.

Goodell hasn't officially slammed Madonna, btw.

But he did get pretty medieval on the NFL Pro Bowl last week.  He was interviewed by ESPN radio leading up to the big game.  He was asked about this year's lackluster Pro Bowl where crowds were actively booing the teams of obviously uninterested stars of the NFL.

Goodell said, "We are going to either have to improve the quality of what we are doing in the Pro Bowl or consider other changes, or even consider eliminating the game if that is the kind of quality of game we are going to provide."

With players concerned about injury it does seem the Pro Bowl's days have long since passed and it's time to end the playing of the game.