National Train Day is coming May 11th and will be recognized in Amarillo.

Just north of the Amarillo Civic Center you'll see Santa Fe steam engine 5000(pronounced fifty-hundred), the Madame Queen.  Efforts have been underway to restore the engine and is progressing well.

National Train Day in May 11th and there will be a big celebration at the engine with refreshments and hot dogs.  They are also soliciting donations for the huge work ahead of restoring the engine to working order.

Last weekend a special person took a tour of the engine, John Story.  He was known as 'Big John' and was an engineer from 1943-1980.  He got to tour the Madame Queen over the weekend and to see how restoration is going.

The Madame Queen was donated to Amarillo in 1957 and is maintained by the Railroad Artifact Preservation Society.

Make plans to attend the free event on May 11th, just north of the Civic Center.