I don't have any more fun on a weekly basis than I have when I host Tradio.  It is the highlight of my weekend, at the very least.  But what isn't to love about a show that can make you money while lumping Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, and Thomas Jefferson together?

Another busy and hectic show with over 40 calls logged in.  That is a major accomplishment for any radio program but when you consider we've got callers on for minutes at a time it is almost impossible.  It's a popular show, thankfully.


I bring you a rule each week that is usually inspired by something that has happened to me over the previous week.  I send Katilyn G. an important quote everyday to help her hone her ideals and point her in a good life direction.  I used one of those quotes for Rule #6 this week, a quote from Thomas Jefferson.

RULE #6: In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.


We had a very entertaining 'Big Question' this week.  Being the first week of June I found myself missing the old Cartoon Network tradition of running three days of Bugs Bunny and calling it 'June Bugs'.  This week we had to know what was your preference, Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny.  I'm a Bugs man myself.

Bugs 39 Mickey 8

Tune is next week for another rule, another question, and your opportunity to buy, sale and trade for free and on the phone!