The court records have been released on a 51 year old male that was found dead after being beaten and strangled last week. Two people have been arrested in the murder.

Laney Paul Brewer and Leslie Ann Wisemann were arrested Sunday and charged with the murder of Ricky Glen Provence. Brewer is in Randall County with a $505,000 bond while Wisemann is in Potter county with a $500,000 bond.

While the autopsy results haven't yet been released, but criminal complaints in the case were released today. Police are still looking for people to talk to in this investigation.

Right now we have people to talk to,” Lt. Erick Bohannon, coordinator of the Potter-Randall Special Crimes Unit said. “We’re trying to locate some folks and haven’t had any luck yet.”

Provence's body was found inside his apartment July 5th at 1508 S. Jefferson St.

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