Looks like Barney Frank is calling it quits. After 16 terms as a lawmaker in Washington DC, it looks like Barney Frank is done, at least as a congressman.

Frank stated that he originally wanted to announce his retirement earlier but held off after the GOP landslide in the House Of Representatives in 2010. He has stated that he wants to do some writing and lecturing, but will not be lobbying.

Barney Frank has been a longtime opponent to everything conservative and is known for butting heads right down to the very end. Barney Frank and Chris Dodd were also tied up in the middle of the housing debacle for being proponents and orchestrating Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac foundations, which were at the center of the housing bubble.

Many people, as well as organizations, feel that Frank and Dodd should have been prosecuted for their parts in the housing market falling apart. No action was ever pursued.

He said that one of the best parts of retiring is "I don't have to be nice to people that I don't like" and added, that he will be advocating for gay rights and acting against Newt Gingrich over the defense of marriage act.

"He would be the best thing to happen to the Democratic Party since Barry Goldwater," Frank said.