There are people on both sides of this issue and the issue is still heating up. Some say the police acted rashly and without warrant shooting Trujillo, while others praise the police and say they understand their actions as protecting the peace and people. No matter what side you are on, it doesn't change the fact that there is now a huge price tag attached to this shooting.

After a Potter County grand jury found no wrongdoing on the part of police in a deadly Polk Street shooting, the case is in federal court with an asking price of $10 million.

Attorney Jesse Quakenbush filed a federal civil rights lawsuit on behalf of the survivors of Claudio Trujillo, 24, who died in February after police fired 40 shots at his sport utility vehicle, hitting the Amarillo man five times.

Police said they feared for their lives after Trujillo refused their demands to stop the SUV amid a melee after bars closed on Polk. The lawsuit accuses police of gross negligence, excessive force and failure to properly train officers, among other claims.

Quakenbush is representing Trujillo's wife, daughter, mother and father in the suit against the city, the police department, its chief and the four officers involved in the early morning incident Jan. 30.

"The City of Amarillo was asked to settle this case short of litigation and chose not to," Quakenbush said in a recorded statement. He did not return calls.

City Attorney Marcus Norris said late Tuesday he had not yet seen the suit, but that Quakenbush had sent a letter demanding a settlement.

"We had it under review," Norris said. "Our review on the civil side was hindered by the grand jury. When there are possible criminal charges, that takes precedent."

The jury finished its work last week.