Authorities say that the Los Angeles County Sheriff's department has re-opened the case of the 1981 drowning death of Natalie Woods off of the Catalina Islands.

The sheriff's department was contact by sources saying they had "additional information" about the mysterious drowning. Last year, Lana Wood, asked investigators to re-open the case of the drowning of her sister. She is the captain of the very boat that Robert Wagner and Natalie were on when her death occured.

Her initial death was ruled an accident. When her body was found about a mile from the boat, she was wearing a night gown, socks and a down jacket. She had multiple bruises on her body and abrasions on her face.

"My sister was not a swimmer and did not know how to swim, and she would never go to another boat or to shore dressed in a nightgown and socks," said Lana Wood.