Many are thrilled and gainfully entertained by the Fox television show 'Glee'.  Glenn Beck is not one of them.  He thinks 'Glee' is going to send a lot of kids to hell.

Glenn Beck thinks the show has 'no values'.  Everybody is sleeping with somebody and it's 'horrifying some of the things that they're teaching high schoolers'.

And while Glenn believes the show is 'brilliantly done' he also sees the show dangerous for children with still developing values.

He has a solution.

Glenn has decided to produce an anti-Glee television series that will highlight conservative values with the same top-notch production values the show is know for.

But don't worry.  Beck promises there won't be any 'stereotypical conservative Lee Greenwood music' he stated at a press conference.

To that end he has already hired an-as-yet-unnamed rapper to help him hipify the project.