The New 940 lost a member of the old KIXZ on Sunday.

I've been with the station for almost six years.  I only worked with O.J. for a short time before he moved on to other endeavor's.

I do miss his program on Sunday's.  There isn't enough religion on the radio.

O.J. died Sunday, he was 76.

Born in 1935, his faith was always tantamount.  Along with being a spiritual broadcaster he drove a truck most of his life and served our country in the Navy.  He loved CB's and was a member of the Mustang Car Club.

When I came to The New 940 we were no longer a classic music or christian station, we had long moved on to News Talk.  But O.J. was still there every Sunday for many years after.  And he was down at Faith City Missions every Thanksgiving serving dinner to those less fortunate.

Be sure and catch The Erwin Pawn Tradio Saturday when we will recognized O.J.'s commitment to God and broadcasting during the show.