Passengers on a JetBlue plane bound for Las Vegas got more than they bargained for after the pilot experienced medical issues.  Said issues being getting locked out of the cockpit, foaming at the mouth, screaming about a bomb and forcing and emergency landing.

Amarillo's Rick Husband Airport is usually a pretty sleepy terminal.  It's nice.  The people are nice.  The TSA is nice.  The usual scant foot traffic in comparison with other airports is great.  But pilots?

They come from out of town.

Apparently the Captain of JetBlue Flight 191 excused himself to the lavatory during the flight.  His previous behavior was so suspect the co-pilot decided to lock him out of the cockpit.  Upon his return and realizing he was locked out the Captain became incensed, foamed at the mouth and began claiming a bomb was on board.  He was subdued.  Another Captain traveling off duty assumed the duties and the plane was landed in Amarillo without further incident.

The FBI is still looking into the situation and more is sure to come out.

Best wishes and prayers to the pilot and his family.  And I hope the passenger's luck is better in Vegas!