Sandusky's lawyers and prosecutors had late night negotiations in which they opted for an abbreviated preliminary hearing in the child sexual abuse case that has been brought against Former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky.

A decision was made at 10:30 last night by Sandusky's lawyer and prosecutors to waive the preliminary hearing. At the 8:30 session, Sandusky did just that. He also waived an arraignment pleading not guilty to 40 counts of criminal child molestation from the years of 1994-2009.

According to the defense, the deal may backfire. By not questioning any of the 11 witnesses set to testify, they might be foregoing valuable information that they could use in the trial.

“In a preliminary hearing, you have the right to confront your accusers, you have the right to cross-examine witnesses. It’s a very helpful and powerful tool for a trial lawyer,” said Jack McMahon, a former prosecutor in the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office. “It doesn’t make sense to give up that important right.”

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