I recently flew to Dallas.  Much like Alec Baldwin I found the airlines aren't joking about turning off your electronic device.

I made the business decision to leave my Kindle at home and turn my phone off before I boarded so I didn't need to be told to turn my devices off.

But the stewardesses were stern with more than one passenger on my flight in this regard.  Current rules say from gate to 10,000 feet all devices must be turned off.  Airplane mode is not enough.

The FAA has ruled that iPads are now 100% O.K. to use at the gate, on the runway, taking off, below 10,0000 feet and above.  Only the rule isn't for you.

It's for the pilots.

Yes, pilots on American Airlines will now have two iPads in the cockpit.  They will replace paper logs and flight plans.  And they will remain on during the restricted period that you have to spend not playing Words with Friends.

Isn't it about time SOMEBODY tested this groundless theory that these devices cause trouble with planes?  Like maybe a cell carrier?

But for now the only ones playing Angry Birds at the gate will most likely be your pilot.