It seems that everyday a new drug pops up.  Sometimes it can be difficult as a parent not knowing what your kids are exposed to.  Impact Futures wants to change that and help by sharing information with parents.

Thursday, Impact Futures, an Anti-Drug Coalition in Amarillo, had a meeting to inform parents of drugs that their kids could be exposed to at school, work or just with friends.  Besides the commonly known drugs, Impact Futures warned of a new drug called Kradum.

LaViza Mattews, with Impact Futures, said this about the drug:

"It's an opiate, a pain killer and they are mixing it. Mixing it with other types of drugs to create a euphoric sensation, or a downer relaxant."

The thing about Kradum and other 'new' drugs is that they are being sold at head shops all over town.  It gives the false impression that they are ok to take.  The fact is, with this drug or any new drug, the long term effects are not known.  They could be deadly, but by being sold over the counter makes it seem less harmful.

The best thing for parents to do is to be informed.  If you don't know what is out there, how can you stop your kids from taking it?

Here is a video from News Channel 10, check it out below.
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If you have any questions about Kradum or any other drug you can contact Impact Futures at

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LaViza Matthews, Project Director