If you missed Saturday's 'Erwin Pawn Tradio Show' you missed tips on how to avoid your not-so-favorite dish on Thanksgiving.

Every week a big question is posed to the callers of the show.  This week we had to know what callers preferred; turkey or ham for Thanksgiving.  The vote was a lot closer than I anticipated.  22 for turkey, 21 for ham.

Personally I just don't like turkey.  Don't like it fresh, in a soup, on a sandwich or even on the table.  What most call great turkey flavor I call a wang.

Unfortunately someone has slaved over the bird.  I usually consume at least a slice of it to be polite.  But what to do when you can't even stomach a taste?

We covered that with this week's Rule #6.  Rule #6 changes every week and we thought we'd stay with the Thanksgiving theme.  And it goes directly to avoiding a dish you just can't stand this Thursday.

If you don't want it, claim an allergy.

That's right, if you can't stand it politely say you've developed a small allergy to something in the dish.

It could be the mushrooms in the green bean casserole or perhaps the giblet gravy.  Simply identify an ingredient in the dish and say you're ever-so-slightly allergic and your doctor recommends you abstain.

Symptoms include itching, irritation in the throat and excitability.  Pick one symptom and go with that.  Don't claim an intense allergy in case you mess up and consume a dish with something in it you've claimed the allergy.

And don't make too big a deal of it.  The less you make of it the less your targets will catch on.

Or you could always hold your nose and choke it down.

Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving!