Seems like these days the Chinese are taking the lead over America in a lot of disturbing ways.  Fireworks?  Not so much.

Last night all your friends in China rung in their New Year, this one the "year of the rabbit".

The Chinese are really big into fireworks, after all they did invent them in the 12th century to scare away evil spirits.  Last night they scared away a five star hotel.  If you had plans to stay in the Dynasty Wanxin Hotel in Shenyang you'll be needing to make other arrangements because it went up in flames thanks to errant fireworks. The fire was exacerbated by the fire engines that shot water only 165 feet up the 720 foot tall building.  Thankfully no injuries were reported.  Except to the building.

You'd think they'd know how to properly shoot fireworks considering they've been playing with them for so long.