There are people in our community who do things to make a difference and don't ask for any recognition what-so-ever, but that doesn't mean that they don't deserve any. That is what this part of our website is all about.

Do you know a man, woman, or child who makes it a point to make a difference in our community? Do you know a parent that works full time and still has it in their heart to volunteer at a local shelter, an EMT who took extra time to make sure your loved one was taken care of, or a child who took it upon themselves to empty their piggybank into a charity donation jar? Here is your chance to let our community honor those people who do so much and expect nothing.

I'm sure you have someone in mind right now. Here's your opportunity to ensure that they don't go un-noticed. Just use the form below and submit their information. We will post them online, on our facebook page, and may even give them a shout on the radio.