The largest single day food drive in the nation takes place this Saturday and you can help feed the hungry in our area.  It's as easy as putting out the mail.

This will be the 18th year the Stamp Out Hunger! drive has taken place.  70 million pounds were donated last year with over a billion total donated through the history of the drive.

Our local goal is to bring in 30,000 pounds of food this Saturday.  There should be or will soon be a paper bag like the one in the picture delivered in your mail box.  If you live in an apartment like me you may not have gotten one.  If you'd like to participate drop your donation off at you nearest mail branch or the food bank.

Fill it up your brown paper bag with non-perishable foods like canned veggies, boxed dinners, cereal, beans or rice.  Also  paper products and personal hygiene products are needed too and those are gladly accepted.

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