If you haven't played the game Call of Duty, chances are you've heard someone playing it.  If you life next to someone playing this game it sounds like WWIII has broken out next door.

Yes, I'm a gamer and I've called security on my neighbors for playing Call of Duty too loud.  It is quite the contradiction.  It is even more annoying living next in a DMZ above the ongoing war.

On Monday in Lewisville a teenager was playing Call of Duty online with some friends.  In the game players use headsets to communicate.  In between games while in the chatroom a voice he didn't recognize told him he was going to be hacked and the SWAT team sent to his home.  The player ignored the warning and kept playing.

Kept playing that is, until the SWAT team showed up.

When the occupants of the house realized they were surrounded they sought refuse in the back of the house and called 911.  The operator was able to convince them to exit the house and they were safe.

Police are investigating the crime as a false report.

This power, I want.