Ron Paul has been rising in the polls in Iowa and the GOP candidates are turning their attacks towards him. He has been ignored for the most part, but now is being taken as a threat.

Paul's outside the mainstream views on economical and military policies are being ruthlessly attacked and will be until he is no longer a threat. He is currently the front runner in Iowa with less than a week before the Iowa caucuses. This is his first time leading, and is now taking the fire that the front runner takes. He has been dismissed as a non-contender up till this point.

He is being painted as an isolationist and that his foreign policy is dangerous for the United States. Even Mitt Romney, who has left Ron Paul out of his attack strategy, has now taken aim at Ron Paul for his hands off views about Iran and their pursuit of a nuclear weapon.

"The greatest threat that Israel faces, and frankly the greatest threat that the world faces, is a nuclear Iran. ... We have differing views on this," Romney said at a cafe in Muscatine, Iowa. "Actually one of the people running for president thinks it's OK for Iran to have a nuclear weapon. I don't."