Like Apple and Microsoft, I presume Google has plenty of revenue streams and plenty of money.  They don't see it that way.  The next time you call someone with a Google phone you might hear an advertisement instead of a ring-back tone.

Back in the old days of three television stations it was easy to get away from advertising.  Sure there were billboards and radio but advertising seldom followed you everywhere you went.

And advertising was so random.  Companies basically sprayed and prayed, hoping they'd hit receptive ears.  And now you can't escape.

On this very page you are being pitched products.  Everywhere you go you are bombarded with advertising.  And it's getting much more targeted.  Advertisers have switched from shotgun shot to smart bombs.  There is virtually no place safe from advertising.

Even making a phone call could soon see you hearing an ad.

Google is looking into replacing the call-back ring tone we are used to hearing with ads.  Some phone users already customize the call-back ring tone with music and occasionally that music is pretty offensive.

But not any more offensive than some male-enhancement ad.  That's what I want to hear when I'm calling home!