After a week that saw two former presidents visiting our area you had to know it'd be a big question on The Erwin Pawn Tradio Show.

Buying, selling, trading and more await you each Saturday morning on The New 940 KIXZ.  We have a pretty good time doing it.  We ask all our callers a topical question before we take their items and this week it was an electoral landslide.  So to speak.


Clinton spoke at West Texas A&M last Tuesday and George W. rode a bike through Palo Duro Canyon with wounded warriors.  We had to know which one you had, Clinton or Bush 43.  I expected George W to win but not to the extent he did.  Even though we are decidedly conservative in our area I didn't expect so much vitriol to come my way.

Bush 40 Clinton 3

Yeah, three whole votes.  And to be honest, two of those were sarcastic 'lesser of two evils' votes.


We also bring you an important rule of life we affectionately call 'Rule #6'.  This week's was a continuation of an ongoing conversation I've been having with my lovely daughter.  She tends to put things off.  Important things.  I've often admonished her for turning 'little problems into big problems'.  More often that not she gets herself into situations that are a bit tough to get through but we eventually have a hearty laugh over.  That beget a rule!

Rule #6: Procrastination may be funny but life is not a joke.

Tune in this Saturday for more sage advice and your opportunity to buy, sell and trade!