School starts in 2-weeks but you still have some time to have fun.  Here are a few things to do with the kids in Amarillo before school starts.

TSM Amarillo

Take them out to see TEXAS.  The season ends on Saturday so you still have time to see this awesome performance.  Purchase tickets online here.

History Tour

Take a history tour of Amarillo.  Start with Cadillac Ranch and work your way around Amarillo.   You can Google the history of Amarillo and start visiting different historical markers.

Take a day trip to Palo Duro Canyon and enjoy hiking to the light house, or a picnic in the bottom of the canyon.  Stop by Palo Duro Zipline and enjoy some heart stopping adrenaline, or take a horseback ride through the canyon.

You have until Labor Day to enjoy the fun at Wonderland Park.  Take a ride on the Mouse Trap or take the Pipeline Plunge or if you dare the Texas Tornado.  Don't have the stomach see and amazing view of Amarillo from the Wonder Wheel.

Enjoy a Stay Cation

So you didn't get to make it out of Amarillo for the weekend.  Why not enjoy a trip inside Amarillo.  Just schedule a night at one of Amarillo's many hotels and let the kids enjoy swimming and having a slumber party away from home.  Order Pizza, take some snacks and its like you are away from home.

Take the kids an enjoy a ride on the taco slide for one last time or float in the lazy river one more time before summer ends.  Splash closes the weekend before school starts so you still have time to splash around.

What are some last minute things you like to do with the family before school starts?