What is one man's annoyance is another man's inspiration.  Yes, the woebegone fruit sticker has received a facelift.

I haven't spent much time worrying about fruit stickers.  I can't recall having too much trouble removing them.  Apparently I'm in the minority.

Scott Amron is not a big fan of fruit stickers.  He says they are annoying, pesky and create waste.  Not a lot of waste, but waste nonetheless.

He's known for creating the Brush & Rinse Toothbrush.  Hopefully his latest invention will be better known.

Fruit produces now have the option to utilize Fruitwash, a dissolvable sticker that also helps remove wax, pesticides and dirt.  Instead of spending excruciating seconds peeling off a sticker you can now simply was it away under the tap.

Amron may be too late to the punch.  Oregon State University is developing a laser labeling system that would etch label information on the fruit.