Michael David Goodwin practices orthodontia in Amarillo.  He also allegedly engaged in Medicaid fraud.

A grand jury in Fort Worth has indicted the dentist on 11 counts of health care fraud from January 2008 to March 2011.  Up to 95% of his patients during that time were Medicaid recipients.

The FBI has been pouring over his records for over a year and what they say they have found is ridiculous and astounding.

Patient loads of more than 100 per day, performing cosmetic and elective services, and having doctors not certified in dentistry seeing patients for him when he was out of town.

Dr. Goodwin maintained an office in Amarillo and Indiana.  His office records show him seeing patients in both places at the same time.

If convicted he's facing 10 years in prison and a total fine of aroung $1.5 million dollars.