My Saturday of bringing buyers and sellers together was a little tough for me this last weekend.  I didn't follow the rules.  Not the Erwin Pawn Tradio Show rules, my personal, life rules.


We discuss the rules of Tradio at the beginning of every hour and I always bring you  a special Rule #6.  It is usually inspired by something that happened to me the previous week.  This week's rule was a Friday night/Saturday morning proposition.

Much like Tom T. Hall, I like beer.  It would be my constant beverage of choice if it was healthy to do so and if I could remain functional.  And once I get started, I rarely stop.  Yes, it is a problem but a person does have to know their limitations.  In this regard I have a big rule concerning drinking and Friday nights.

I usually abstain completely because as stated, I won't stop and I really want to be on top of my game for Tradio on Saturday morning.  This is not a difficult proposition and it isn't ever a problem.

That is unless I go out.  I attended The New 940 Bud Light Platinum Laugh Out Loud Comedy Showcase at the Party Barn.  I had a really good time.  And I had three Bud Light Platinums.

This led to more beer drinking when I got home and a late bed time and I nearly overslept Saturday morning.  So I broke my own rule of not drinking on Friday.

Rule #6: Follow The Rules

Rules do us no good unless we follow them...or at least try to!


Obviously I was feeling a bit 'out there' during the show and the big question we asked everyone was equally distant.  I wanted to know if callers were entertained.  The question was interpreted several different ways and therefore the numbers are a bit suspect. 50 folks said they were entertained.  3 specifically said no and they pointed the finger right at me.

You can't entertain everybody!

See you this Saturday for another Erwin Pawn Tradio Show.