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With November 28th approaching, many of us are preparing with anticipation for the holiday that causes arguably the most stomach cramps and sudden weight gain: Thanksgiving. This holiday is truly special, bringing in family members and friends from all over, full of unforgettable, happy moments and the most important thing, food! People having different tastes and traditions can leave you with some dishes on your dinner table that some aren't used to seeing, however, there's no preventing having some atypical thanksgiving dishes. Therefore, I am naming my favorite dishes that my family and I serve every year on own our table that wouldn't be considered the commonplace Thanksgiving feast.


I look forward to these Mexican treats every year during this time, whether they're filled with pork with guajillo chili or just melted cheese wrapped around cornmeal dough, steamed in rinsed corn husks. Even though these are the ones I liked the most, however, there are many different types of tamales, including bean tamales and sweet tamales. If you haven't tried them already do so; they might become an addition to your Thanksgiving dinner.


Menudo is beef tripe broth made with red peppers and different seasonings and spices. Served with chopped onions and oregano, it's usually eaten along with a piece of bread. This dish is probably my family's favorite, everybody taking part in making it. Out of all the food that we make, It's always one of the first to go. Even though I am not as big a fan as the rest of my family members, I do think it's a good dish, tasting especially great in the colder seasons.

Steak Tacos

I love steak tacos! Consisting of warm corn tortillas wrapped around a portion of grilled beef and onion, the tacos are topped with chopped lettuce or cabbage, radishes, and cilantro with a sprinkle of lemon juice. The toppings are usually in serving dishes so visitors help themselves to the amount they want.  Not only are the tacos delicious, but they are also much less time consuming than other meals for a large group of people, making them a good feed for any special day year round.

Flan Vanilla Cake

Dessert usually comes in the form of pie during Thanksgiving in most people's homes, be it apple, pumpkin or pecan, but this sweet, milky and delicious dessert also does the job of pleasing one's sweet tooth. Composed of silky caramel and evaporated milk along with vanilla flavoring, it's the perfect alternative if you feel like changing things up.


Being served with either a side, like rice, or as tacos, the Discada is a meat course starting with beef and pork,  cold meats, such as sausage and ham, finishing it by adding sliced onions and garlic. This is another fast, easy-to-make and savory meal. Its many distinct flavors and different ways of serving make it feel like something new every time you taste it.

There are my unusual Thanksgiving dishes. If any of you have  food that is not considered a traditional Thanksgiving dinner or know someone who does tell us what it is. Hope you enjoyed my list, and happy eating!