The class of 2014 is about to exit an almost decade long of schooling, growing from being little five year old pre-kindergartners to young adults.With the end of school coming in closer and closer however, many will be tempted to take a while before they enter college. This is a list of things that every graduating senior needs to do before they go to college after their break.

1. Actually Go To College

Many who take an extended "break" tend to forget to go back, either because they took too long or because they feel they don't need college anymore because they got a stable job with their high school diploma. Whatever the situation is, it shouldn't keep anyone from going back to school. It may be hard to return after a year or five years but it is definitely worth it.

2. Leave The Country

If wanting to visit other nations and culture, such as France or Italy, go for it, especially true for those who've never been to other places besides the USA. While the US is definitely one of the best countries in the world other nations deserve to be seen too. It's such a great feeling to step into another land that seems so foreign and different so make use of that passport!

3. Get A New Look

College is not High School. This is the chance to try new things start anew. It doesn't have to be a completely new and bizarre makeover, just trying something different like a new hairstyle. In high school people tend to stick to just one thing, thinking they have to remain the same when starting college but, starting at the summer after graduation, it's a perfect time for a change.   

4. Get A Job

It's true that college can be a pain in the wallet, but saving up will help; even if awarded with numerous scholarships, the truth is they will probably not cover all of the expenses. Get a job during the break and pay as much as possible with those earnings. Loans are not bad but try to prevent using them or join the other several million student loan borrowers that are very much in debt.

5. Read The Classics

Those books that everyone is forced to read in high school that take a lot of time out of the day were not in vain. Reading is very important in college and, since in the summer everyone has more free time, it's good to use some of these hours to catch up some good reads. It's a task that will definitely help in the long run and that might even be enjoyable.

If there's any more things that seniors should do during their break, write it in the comment section below. While college break can be used as the time to goof off and rest before going to college, which is going to be a lot of hard work, it's still good to be extra prepared and worry free.