Challenge WanakaThe Amarillo Police and Fire Departments want to remind you fireworks are banned within the city limits.

The 4th of July is next week and the APD and AFD plan on enforcing the ban of the celebratory explosives inside the city limits.  The ordinance is 30 years old and prohibits the possession, manufacture, storage, sale, or use of any fireworks within the city.

If you end up with some leftover fireworks you can call the city and use the 'Fireworks Amnesty Program' which allows residents to surrender fireworks with no questions asked.  The fireworks are disposed in accordance with the City of Amarillo fire code.

Citizens caught violating the rule face numerous citations depending on if it is simple possession or use.

Novelty items like pops, snaps, poppers and other noisemakers are permitted but subject to inspection by police.