The fire threat in Amarillo is still very high and for the third day in a row, crews battle flames. People in the Panhandle are used to these threats, but it does not make dealing with these fires any easier. The more resources are pooled into this effort, the more wore out these firefighters become.

I feel for these guys and praise their hard work for doing such a dangerous and timeless job. Sunday Canyon residents are still under evacuation while fighter fighters battle flames near these homes. Containment of these fires, that have consumed more than 16,373 acres, is still ongoing and might take even longer with the dry conditions and winds surrounding the area.

Our prayers are with the residents of areas in danger, those who lost homes and each and every fire fighter that battles these blazes.

Crews have yet to fully contain the estimated 16,373-acre fire that spread through the area. Fire engines and aircraft carrying retardant fought flames clinging to the rough terrain east of Canyon. The fire started Tuesday on the Interstate 27 median near East Cemetery Road. Firefighters spent most of Thursday monitoring hot spots and putting out small flare-ups.

The Texas Forest Service reported the Cemetery Road Complex fire was 50 percent contained and threatened 60 homes. The burn initiated evacuations at Palo Duro Canyon State Park, Ceta Canyon and the Sunday Canyon neighborhood south of state Highway 217. has more information.