Rod Blagojevich told a Federal Court that he made "Terrible Mistakes" and that he is "Unbelievably Sorry" for his crimes of trying to sell the vacated seat of Barack Obama. Federal Prosecutors are not buying it. The judges verdict came down and looks like Blago will be sitting out 14 years in a Federal Prison, although the actual amount of time incarcerated will likely be much less.

Blagojevich's statement has completely changed from his super insistent view that he did nothing wrong as he admits to his wrong doing. Judge James Zagel is preparing to sentence him on 18 corruption convictions.

"I am responsible," Blagojevich said, apologizing for his actions and for saying he was targeted by prosecution.

Federal prosecutors will be asking for a sentence of 15-20 years in federal prison for his crimes, while his defense is stating that the punishment is too severe. Zagel is expected to state exactly how long Blgojevich will spend behind bars after hearing from the accused himself.

On the first day of the sentencing hearing, Blagojevich's lawyer admitted the he was guilty of corruption. He then stated that a long prison sentence is unwarranted. Sheldon Sorosky (Blagojevich's attorney) even stated his client broke the law when he offered to appoint Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett the position for a job in return.

"There's no doubt this is a crime," Sorosky said. "I am just saying that it does not call for a 15- to 20-year jail sentence."