The Big Question on The Erwin Pawn Tradio Show last weekend was a question of time.

Every week we ask the callers a big question before they try to sell their items.  This week with it being time change weekend we thought that was a pretty big issue.

After an early neck and neck race those disliking the time change numbered 23 to the 9 that liked it.  I was one of the nine that liked.

The show has five main rules and we bring those to you each hour and cap it with a special rule, Rule #6.  This week's was: Order it without french fries, onion rings or tater tots.  I've been in Amarillo six years now and have yet to get a decent order of fast food fries anywhere.  It's gotten so bad I don't even try anymore.  No combo meals for me, I won't eat the sad, overcooked, old oiled, heat lamp beat sticks of filth.

And if you missed the show you missed a short discussion on the abortion plane that has been seen over Amarillo the last month or so.  The plane has succeeded in only getting people on both sides of the issue to agree the banner it is flying is in poor taste.

Unfortunately there won't be any such colorful discussions this week.  Tradio will be preempted for Oklahoma State Cowboys Football.