Has facebook shot themselves in the foot with the release of their new updates and feed settings? Granted, I use facebook on a daily basis and get familiar with new interfaces fairly easy, some people aren't that lucky. In light of the recent changes, many people are throwing their hands up and headed to Google+.

New features and upgrades are normally a good thing, especially in the technology era. But, facebook has made some really huge changes and now is looking at a slue of angry facebookers, while others leave the social networking site altogether.

I don't know if you remember a little site called Myspace, but I seem to remember something like myspace changing (right when facebook started) and people fleed like rats on a sinking ship. Now, Myspace is doing it's best to stay afloat, even though it has a very clean look and 'shiny' interface.

Simplicity was the very thing that made Facebook so amazing and fun to use. Now, everyone's profile will be updating others on what their reading, listening to and maybe even watching online. How many people really care what music I'm listening to and whether I read an article on deep fried pickles. It just doesn't matter, and the users are voicing this loudly.

Facebook must have made some huge changes for people to look at the fairly klunky interface of Google+, as the simpler option. I use google+ and honestly can see some real opportunity for them to pull some large quantity of users from facebook, which normally starts the migration of the social population.

We shall see if facebook backs out of their current updates and appeases the masses. People will either learn to deal with the new changes and over time they will become the norm, or they will leave and the Social Giant will battle head to head with the new kid on the block, Google+.

I am curious to see how facebook responds to the massive amount of user criticism.