Let me put it this way, I have a facebook profile, but I am not a fan. I don't want people knowing what I am doing all the time, and more importantly, I DON'T CARE what other people do every minute of everyday. If you asked me, facebook could go away and I think the world would go on just the same.

It has a stratospheric valuation, an Oscar-nominated movie about it, 600 million fans, and its CEO just appeared on Saturday Night Live. So where's Facebook going to go from here? Down.

Okay, so maybe not right away.

But it certainly feels like the social-networking site is beginning to sag under its own ponderous weight and prodigious Netscape-era hype. In fact, Facebook is so overhyped that a recent $1.5 billion injection of capital from Goldman, Sachs and others meant it now has an estimated market valuation of approximately $50 billion.

Indeed, Facebook could be even bigger based on trading in the secondary market (the one for wealthy folks) where according to SharesPost the company is worth over $82 billion -- making it more valuable than Amazon.com.

But it seems like Facebook's days may already be numbered. Why? Facebook started out as a simple, fun place to digitally cavort and post silly, unflattering pictures of one another. It quickly transformed into a miasma of lurking dangers, threats to our personal security and safety, and a great way to get fired -- or worse, prosecuted for goodness-knows-what. Everyone should be a little more cautious about the "social" part of social networking, these days, and for good reason.

I know that if 'facebook' becomes the next 'myspace', it will only be because something newer and better has come out. They have tried. Look at twitter, still playing second fiddle to facebook. So, what ever the 'next big thing is', it better be something amazing.