This Saturday is election day.  The biggest issue isn't on the ballot but whether people will vote.

Mayor Paul Harpole is looking for another term as Amarillo's Mayor.  He is opposed by Terry Van Baughman.  Baughman isn't collecting campaign donations or even campaigning. If Baughman had not entered the race there wouldn't even be an election.

Voter turnout in this election will help determine the number of signatures needed on a petition to push local issues to an election.  The city charter requires that petitioners need signatures from 25% of the voter turnout from the last election.  Right now that number is based on the 2011 election.

At least one group of people hope voter turnout is low.  People displeased with the hand-held cell phone while driving ban would like to see a low turnout, hoping the threshold for signatures will be lower and in turn push the cell phone ban to a citywide vote.