I'm a big Amazon fan and an even bigger fan of the Kindle.  It's no surprise to me Amazon is selling more digital books than paper books.

Amazon began selling books in July 1995 and have been selling Kindles since 2007.  Meaning it only took four years for Amazon to begin selling more digital books than DTB's.  For us Amazon types that means "Dead Tree Books".

To quantify those figures keep in mind Amazon is not counting marketplace sellers just sales figures from their bookstore.  If you've never used Amazon they not only sell for themselves but also act as a portal for everything under the sun, including books.  They're not counting those figures.  Marketplace books can be had for pennies on the dollar.

I really like having a nice shelf of books at the house.  But I don't like moving and dusting them.  DTB's are really dead and Amazon is making it happen.