It's our second day of enjoying the insightful rantings of Dennis Miller weekdays 11am to 2pm on The New 940 KIXZ.  We've gotten a lot of feedback and most have been positive with the change.

You may have been wondering what Dennis has been up to the last several years.  Sure, he turns up on the odd HBO special and makes a movie cameo now and then but for hardcore Miller fans it's been hard to keep up with the comedic mastermind.

Unless you've been a listener of his radio program of course.  He's been doing The Dennis Miller Show for the last five years.  The show has grown well over that time with over 300 stations and 24 in the largest cities.  The growth of the show has been slow but steady.  It has taken radio some time to accept that Dennis has what it takes to navigate the minefield of conservative talk radio.

And if you were wondering if radio was only a diversion for Dennis take comfort in the fact that he's recently signed a long term deal with his network, Dial Global and we plan to keep him on KIXZ for a long time.

The best part of The Dennis Miller Show is that if offers just as much for fans of Dennis and fans of great, entertaining talk radio.