When it comes to our children and our children's care we aren't always aware of what goes on when we leave them with their daycare, nanny, or sitter when we go to work.  We have to trust that we have made a good choice.  However, its stories like these that make me question the integrity of people.  It puts a fear in my heart and for any parent that has to leave their child in the care of another.  A daycare operator in Ohio has been charged with putting sleeping pills into  food and feeding it to the children.

My question is, other than a witness who came forward, how did they prove this was happening?  Did they test breakfast food in her trash?  Did these poor babies have to get blood tested?  If so, it breaks my heart.

How can we ever trust the people we put in charge of our children.  Yes, children get loud, children get unruly, children like to play and be kids.  If you are a caretaker of other people's children and you chose to run a daycare then you better be ready to deal with that and more.

If a person has to drug kids to calm them down or to take a nap, then they need to close up shop and realize they were not meant for this profession.

This is infuriating and scary all around.  Seriously, drugging children?

I'm at a complete loss.

I know this story happened in Ohio, but stuff like this can happen anywhere, including our town.  I remember a daycare worker put a 3-year old in a freezer here in Amarillo in 2006. She was punished for the crime and the daycare was shut down.

It is horror stories like these that make us as parents leery of ever letting our children out of our sight.

All I have to say is thank goodness we do have loving caretakers in this world who love our children as much as we do.   Thank goodness we have a system that will punish sick people who do things like this to children.