Submitted By: Cecil

I am certain that it is my imagination but having been a professional driver of over 20 years with more than 3,000,000 miles driven in 47 of 50 states, in every kind of weather condition, both during the day and at night, I believe that I am qualified to make allegations concerning the driving skills of motorists such as the huge number of rude and disrespectful drivers there are in Texas who simple will not turn down their bright lights when approaching on coming traffic. For those who do not know, many of the single car roll-over’s that occur at night may very well be actually caused by oncoming drivers with their bright lights on. This frequently drives animals back through the medium strip into the path of a motorist who cannot see the animal until it is right in front of their vehicles and they panic, swerve and then over correct. Those of you who drive with your bright lights on and will not turn them down when approaching oncoming traffic may well have already killed someone.

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