One the most critical organizations in our area that helps everyone in need is now in need of your help after an early morning accident.

This morning a Coffee Memorial Blood Center truck was on it's way north to the OPSU blood drive.  Five staff members were on the trip.  The truck ran into some black ice, lost control and eventually ended up on its side in the center median just north of the Canadian River.  Three members of the staff sustained minor injuries and all were sent to NWTH to be evaluated.

In the short term this caused the cancellation of the OPSU blood drive, a drive which expected to draw around 100 units.  Like you budget money, Coffee Memorial budgets blood and because of the incident today, they need help meeting today's blood budget.

The blood center is also now shorthanded and will be looking at adjusting their blood drives in the coming days and next week as staffing provides.  This will also cause the center to run below what they expected to draw daily over the next week to ten days.

If you are an eligible donor you are asked to donate today at Coffee Memorial at 7500 Wallace.  They have extended their hours today to help meet the shortfall.  You can stop by tonight until 7pm.

There is also an ongoing blood drive going on at WT today until 6pm.

In the long term Coffee Memorial is now indefinitely down a critically needed blood mobile.  Many of us are unable to donate blood for a variety of medical reasons.  But all of us can help.  If you'd like to make a donation towards helping getting their truck back up and running stop by Coffee Memorial of call 806-358-4563.